Talenti Vulcanici, news

Famosissime Armoniche del Regno di Napoli: Andreana Basile, Giulia De Caro e Annamaria Scarlatti
Utrecht - h. 17.00

Cristina Donadio, reciter
Cristina Fanelli, soprano
Angela Di Maso, Dramaturgy

Ensemble Talenti Vulcanici
Stefano Demicheli, conductor

Federica Castaldo, ideation
Francesco Cotticelli, Domenico Antonio D’Alessandro, Paologiovanni Maione, musicology and theatrical consulting

A musical portrait of three singers, actresses, entrepreneurs, "modern" women who, from the early seventeenth to the early eighteenth century, marked with their respective biographical events and artistic careers, the musical scene of Naples, influencing with their charisma and the prominent personalities, some protagonists such as Claudio Monteverdi, Francesco Provenzale, Alessandro Scarlatti, Andrea Ziani. The history of Neapolitan music of those centuries prefers male protagonists, but there are special cases in which its most unknown pages need to be rewritten and redesigned. The project, conceived by Federica Castaldo, with the musicological consultancy of Francesco Cotticelli, Domenico Antonio D'Alessandro and Paolo Giovanni Maione, is a new production of Fondazione Pietà De 'Turchini for 2019, with dramaturgy written by Angela Di Maso, is performed by the famous Neapolitan actress Cristina Donadio, the soprano Cristina Fanelli and the Ensemble Talenti Vulcanici with Stefano Demicheli as conductor.