TALENTI VULCANICI. An ensemble of original instruments from the Fondazione Pietà de' Turchini

The Fondazione Pietà de’ Turchini, a pioneer in introducing to the Neapolitan public a little known repertoire, performed by well-known artists from the whole of Europe during the last twenty year, has, in the last five years, directed its energies towards a project for forming and promoting the musical talents of a younger generation.  This project runs alongside many vocal and instrumental masterclasses, as well as the international competition ‘Francesco Provenzale’, in baroque singing, which over ten years has awarded prizes to young singers who have gone on to become soloists of the first order in baroque vocal music throughout Europe--singers like Silvia Frigato, Giuseppina Bridelli, Riccardo Angelo Strano.   This ensemble, of constantly varying size, started in 2011.  Its core is renewed every three years with new auditions, the latest, held in 2015, attended by more than 70 young instrumentalists from all over Europe, many of them graduates of the most prestigious music schools. A desire for new research continues to inspire the cultural activities of the Fondazione Pietà de’ Turchini, with international conferences and scholarly publications.  This has always characterised the artistic programme, bringing to it wonderful and unpublished works of the Neapolitan School of the seventeeth and eighteenth centuries.   As well as an enthusiasm for giving young people the experience, and also the contacts, for their aspirations, this project also offers to those who take part the opportunity to discover the cultural world of Naples, to seek out the harmonies and incredible suggestiveness of its musical sounds among the city’s many and difficult contradictions, and to become ambassadors, in a sense, of its glorious and inexhaustible musical history.   Talenti Vulcanici has claimed the interest of such institutions as the Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini di Jesi and the Concerti del Quirinale (organised by Rai Radio 3 in the presence of the president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella), who have made the orchestra a part of their own poster campaign.